Fosdick & Hilmer
  • Bringing innovation and reliability to central utilities

    With multiple fuel-burning capabilities and sophisticated, user-friendly control systems,
    we’re engineering plants that will energize your future.

  • A leader in sustainable engineering

    Our staff of award-winning, LEED-accredited engineers and Certified Energy
    Managers sets the bar for sustainability.

  • Progressive business thinking

    From concept to close-out, our proprietary Commissioning TrackerTM software
    takes systems commissioning to the next level.

  • Protect your personnel from Arc Flash

    Ensure OSHA and NFPA compliance with our electrical distribution system analysis and
    equipment labeling.

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Engineering Facilities That Endure

Since 1905, Fosdick & Hilmer has been raising the bar for innovation and sustainability in engineering. From central utilities and electric power to healthcare and other mission-critical infrastructure, our hands-on approach takes facilities from concept to close-out. Need to modernize an older facility? Our engineers also specialize in the adaptive re-use and repurposing of older systems, extending their useful life and bringing them up to modern standards.

Experience the Fosdick Difference

At Fosdick & Hilmer, we bring design and utility together. Our unique ability to plan, engineer, automate, start-up, and commission systems creates a seamless experience for our clients, lowering costs and increasing productivity. From major mission-critical facilities to minor renovations, from central energy plants and distribution to equipment upgrades and replacements, we bring knowledge and experience in the integration of mechanical, electrical, and control systems to every project. And with tracking and analysis tools like our proprietary 

systems commissioning software and our energy and mechanical/electrical systems analytics toolkits, you can be sure that your facility is functional, safe, and compliant. For an understanding of the range and depth of our work, we invite you to browse our extensive portfolio.

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