3P Process to Improve CCHMC Small Projects Delivery

October 14, 2014  |  Eric Erpenbeck, Head of Central Utilities Group

In April 2014, F&H was invited by Messer Construction to participate in a workshop aimed at redesigning the “small project” renovation process for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). The workshop was based on lean manufacturing principals better known as 3P (Production Process Preparation) and aimed at reducing administrative waste and improving speed to market all while maintaining CCHMC’s high standards of quality and care. 3P principles expand beyond the incremental improvement of processes (better | Read More

Fosdick & Hilmer Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

September 22, 2014  |  Jim Pretz, Managing Principal & CEO

Thank you for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination Bob Gramann (GBBN Architects)! Jim Pretz, managing Principal & CEO, has accepted and completed your Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of Fosdick & Hilmer. Watch the video below to see who he has nominated to do it next.

Naples Community Hospital ORs to Become Safer, More Comfortable, and More Energy Efficient

September 11, 2014  |   Jim Pretz, Managing Principal & CEO

Fosdick & Hilmer has been retained by Columbus, OH based energy developer Plugsmart to engineer upgrades to the HVAC systems that serve the operating suite at Naples Community Hospital (NCH) in Naples, FL. The existing HVAC systems that serve the NCH Operating Rooms (ORs) are quite old; they largely utilize 100% outdoor air; and energy recovery systems that were originally installed have long since stopped working. In addition, supply and return air distribution to the ORs | Read More

Updated FGI Guidelines for 2014

July 29, 2014  |  Maria Ramos & Tina Schweizer, Mechanical Engineers

The current FGI guidelines will be updated in 2014.  These guidelines are used in conjunction with ASHRAE 170 for specific healthcare-related MEP and other design concerns.  They are not building codes, but rather guidelines used by the Joint Commission; and it is, therefore important that engineers adhere to them in the design of systems for healthcare facilities.  The following changes in the Guidelines and other insights were highlighted in a seminar recently attended by Fosdick | Read More

Codes, Comfort, and Care: Strategies for Operating Room Climate Control

May 27, 2014  |  Steve Grosjean, Controls Engineer

Like so many issues in healthcare infrastructure design, requirements for operating room humidity have undergone significant changes. This state of change can create confusion around questions of compliance with codes, as well as how to deliver an environment that is best-suited to the needs of patients and caregivers. Changing requirements In the past, the guideline minimum for operating room humidity was 35% Relative Humidity (RH). Recent changes in ASHRAE 170 – Ventilation of Healthcare Facilities | Read More