Fosdick & Hilmer

Veterinary Hospital AHU Replacement - The Ohio State University

Project Specifications

Start-up Year

Project Cost
$1.6 million

Construction Type

200,000 GSF

Fosdick & Hilmer provided complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design for $1.6 million upgrade of Veterinary Hospital HVAC systems at The Ohio State University. Renovation encompassed air sysems serving the 200,000 GSF of hospital, classroom and laboratory space.

The project replaced the existing air handlers in the penthouse of the Veterinary Hospital Building. Portions of the heating hot water and chilled water piping was replaced as well. An existing 500 ton chiller dedicated to serve just the new adjacent Vet Med building was re-piped and recontroled to become part of the overall Vet Hospital Chiller Plant.

The project required provisions for temporary or shared airflow while each air handler was replaced. To accomplish this requirement, new air handlers were constructed on the roof adjacent to the penthouse while the existing units continued to operate. When the new units were made functional, the existing units were removed and prefabricated ductwork was intalled to connect the new units to the existing supply air ductwork.


  • Renovation in an occupied building.
  • Construction phase planning was provided to facilitate the existing building’s operations, as well as those of the surrounding buildings, throughout the construction period.