Case Studies

Main Campus Steam Plant ​University ​of Toledo

Project Specifications:

The central steam plant at The University of Toledo Main Campus is an aging facility located on prime real estate earmarked for future development. Fosdick & Hilmer was selected to engineer and design a new plant that is sized to supply all of the existing and future campus steam needs and can be operated as an unattended facility. Possible sites for the plant were evaluated and space within the soon to be renovated Savage Arena was selected. The project was built in phases with Phase 1 including construction of the steam plant proper and Phase 2 including construction of utility trenches-at-grade with steam and condensate mains to connect the new plant to the existing distribution system.

Phase 1


  • Six 600 HP, 135 psig saturated steam, gas/no. 2 oil fired coil tube steam generators with variable speed combustion air fan and economizer.
  • One 30,000 gal underground fuel oil tank, fuel oil containment piping, level and leak detection controls.
  • Feedwater system including deaerator and variable speed boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Makeup water system including condensate receiver, condensate pumps and water softeners.
  • Continuous blowdown and heat recovery system.
  • Steam generator blowoff system.
  • Plant chemical feed system.
  • Plant compressed air and instrument air systems.
  • Steam generator breeching and free standing dual wall stack.
  • Electrical motor control centers for steam plant.
  • Combustion air and plant ventilation systems.
  • Plant controls and instrumentation.
  • All plant systems designed for the addition of two similar sized steam generators in the future.

Phase 2


  • 1200 feet of cast-in-place concrete trench-at-grade with removable lids designed for pedestrian or vehicular loads.
  • 200 feet of steam and condensate prefabricated conduit piping at bridge crossing above the Ottawa River.
  • Extension of steam and condensate piping mains within trench-at-grade and connection to the existing distribution system.
  • Project was completed in 2009 with a construction cost of $5,200,000.