Case Studies

New Power Plant – Kent State University

Project Specifications:

Starting with an investigation of campus heating loads, cooling loads, and electric power usage, Fosdick & Hilmer worked with Kent State University to establish optimum size for development of new power plant. New power plant houses central heating system, central chilled water cooling system, and power generation utilizing combustion turbine generators. Breaking the project into multiple phases allowed for timely replacement of the aging central heating plant and initializing of a new central chilled water system to serve the entire campus.

Fosdick & Hilmer and Optim Environmental Resources prepared the Ohio EPA air permit applications for systems under all phases of the project.
Key Features

Phase 1

  • Power plant building with offices, shower rooms and maintenance areas.
  • One 100,000 lb/hr, 150 psig, low NOx, packaged boiler.
  • Six 30,000 gallon underground fuel oil storage tanks, truck unloading station, and fuel oil handling system.
  • Extension of high pressure natural gas pipeline to power plant.
  • Electrical switchgear, motor control centers including feeders from new 4160V substation.
  • Distributed control system (DCS) for boiler plant.
  • Utility tunnel to connect new power plant to existing utility distribution tunnel system.

Phase 2

  • One 5200 ISO kW, 13.2 kV combustion turbine generator.
  • One 100,000 lb/hr, heat recovery steam generator with supplemental duct firing.
  • One 100,000 lb/hr, 150 psig, low NOx, packaged boiler.
  • Two 2000 ton electric centrifugal chillers.
  • 6000 ton cooling tower and condenser water pumps.
  • Primary-secondary chilled water pumping system.
  • Chilled water distribution piping to connect to campus distribution system.
  • Electrical switchgear, motor control centers for chiller plant and cogeneration including synchronization gear for interconnecting to existing utility power distribution system.
  • Expansion of the DCS to include chiller plant and cogeneration systems.

Phase 3

  • Building addition for cogeneration equipment and centrifugal chiller.
  • One 6900 ISO kW, 13.2 kV combustion turbine generator.
  • One 33,000 lb/hr, unfired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).
  • Turbine combustion air inlet chilled water cooling coil.
  • One 2500 ton steam turbine drive centrifugal chiller.
  • 600 kW black start diesel generator.
  • Motor control center, closed transition automatic transfer switches for use with emergency generator, and protective relaying, controls and logic for turbine black start and campus islanding operational capabilities.
  • Expansion of the DCS to include the new equipment and systems.