Case Studies

New Power Plant – Northern Kentucky University

Project Specifications:

Based on the Utility Master Plan prepared by Fosdick & Hilmer, the University obtained funding for a new Central Power Plant to replace the existing plant which could not be expanded to meet the projected requirements of the rapidly expanding University campus. Fosdick & Hilmer developed the master plan to provide a cost effective approach to serving both near term and long range utility requirements at NKU. Architectural design of the building is unique, but consistent with the rest of campus and the highly visible site which it occupies on the main entrance drive. Specifications were prepared for pre-purchase of all major mechanical and electrical equipment. Start-up and commissioning services were provided for all mechanical, electrical and control systems designed by Fosdick & Hilmer on the project.
Central Boiler Plant
  • Two 50,000 lb/hr packaged watertube boilers with provision for third 50,000 lb/hr boiler.
  • One 600 HP firetube boiler relocated from existing boiler plant.
  • Natural gas/No 2 fuel oil, low NOx burners
  • Boiler feedwater system including one 100,000 lb/hr packaged deaerator and one 31,000 lb/hrpackaged deaerator relocated from existing boiler plant.
  • Boiler makeup water system including water softeners, condensate receiver and pumps.
  • Digital electronic, process loop controllers.
Electric System
  • Addition of 15KV switch to existing outdoor substation.
  • Dual 12.47KV to 4160V chiller substations.
  • Variable frequency drives, 250 HP, 12.47KV to 480V.
Utility Distribution System
  • 100 feet of new tunnel with 24 in. supply and return chilled water, 10 in. high pressure steam (125 psig) and 4 in. condensate return piping.
  • Phased replacement of supply and return chilled water, high pressure steam and condensate return piping in 630 feet of existing tunnel.
  • 2500 feet of new 15kV electric duct bank.
Central Chiller Plant
  • Two 2500 ton electric centrifugal chillers with provision for a third 2500 ton chiller.
  • One 1500 ton electric centrifugal chiller relocated from existing chiller plant.
  • Proprietary 7500 ton fiberglass cooling tower.
  • Packaged pumping skids for primary and secondary chilled water, and condenser water.