Case Studies

Emergency Power Improvements

Project Specifications:

Cincinnati Bell enlisted Fosdick & Hilmer to evaluate, design, develop, and commission a sophisticated electric power automation system for its Seventh Street building complex. The complex houses the Company’s network operations center; the City’s E-911 system; local and long distance central office switching equipment; as well as high-availability data centers for a number of corporate clients.

Key Features

  • Increased standby generation capacity; two 2,000 kW diesel generators; provisions six total generators.
  • Complete automation of the power outage restoration process. This has historically been a manual process, performed by a trained technician visiting a number of power distribution rooms throughout the facility. Automation includes prioritized load addition and shedding, based on available emergency generation.
  • Overhaul of system protection and coordination, including the installation of digital protective relays.
  • Feeder-by-feeder energy metering, data storage, and reporting for tenant billing.
  • Extensive alarm and event notification services by pager, text messaging, and e-mail, as well as remote access for facility managers.
  • To accomplish the automation objectives, more than 150 existing, manually controlled circuit breakers were wired into the automation system and commissioned, with little or no interruption of service to tenants. Existing current and voltage instrument transformers, originally installed for manual meter reading, were connected to networked digital circuit monitors at an equipment cost of less than $200 per feeder.


  • Rockwell Automation ControlLogix programmable logic controllers, including redundant, synchronized processors and redundant ControlNet I/O networks.
  • Wonderware Industrial Automation Server, implemented with redundant object and data access servers and redundant Ethernet networks.
  • Wonderware InTouch for human machine interface.
  • Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server for historical data storage and reporting.