Case Studies

CyrusOne Lebanon Data Center

Project Specifications:

Fosdick & Hilmer engineered and commissioned the MEP and automation systems for this 180,000 SF, brown-field industrial facility conversion to a state-of-the-art data processing center.
The new data center was designed to support 150 watts/SF of data processing over 100,000 SF data floor (15 MW of power and cooling. The first phase, encompassing 8 MW of data processing and 4 MW of cooling infrastructure included 1,000,000 cfm of air handling equipment, 4,800 tons of chilled water cooling, all backed by an automated ring-bus electric power system that includes 12 MW of uninterruptible power supply and 16 MW of standby generators.
This data center site is classified as a Tier III facility by the Uptime Institute, but it has all of the fault tolerance and fail-over capabilities of a Tier IV data center. Fosdick & Hilmer’s commissioning of the facility included CFD analysis of air flow to the data floor and full capacity testing of all systems using 8 MW of electric load banks connected to the data center power distribution units.
  • N+1 Design
  • 4,800 T Chilled Water Capacity (Phase I)
  • 3,600 T of Free Cooling Heat Exchangers
  • Dual Utility 12.47kV Service
  • 4-Element Ring Bus Electrical Distribution Architecture
  • 16,000 kW Emergency Generation
  • Fully Redundant Industrial PLC-based Automation System
  • Dual city water feeds