Case Studies

F&G Refrigeration Monitoring System

Project Specifications:

Fosdick & Hilmer proposed, and shortly thereafter, designed and implemented a complete solution to monitor and manage refrigeration for this industry leading healthcare provider.

In its essence, F&H’s Refrigeration Monitoring System collects data, in real-time, from over 1200 devices (including temperature and humidity sensors) across several campuses and stores it in a SQL database.  While the data is being collected, a custom-developed application engine, monitors for any deviations from user-defined values and notifies personnel accordingly.  In addition, a web-based application allows designated users access to real-time data to satisfy any trending, reporting, and regulatory requirements.  The web delivery method allows users to access real-time data from any personal computer connected to the hospital network, including wireless devices and remote access over VPN.

By working closely with this health care provider, Fosdick & Hilmer was able to design a solution that was suitable to not only the management team, but also maintenance, nursing, and research.  The software improved collaboration between departments, ensuring that critical medicines, research, and foodstuffs would not be lost in the event of hardware malfunction or operator oversight.

F&H’s Refrigeration Monitoring System affords significant cost savings with the following advantages:


  • Automated, error-free data collection
  • Alarm recording and management
  • Maintenance recording and management
  • 24/7 notification via web, e-mail, pager, or cell
  • Secure, role-based access
  • Redundancy
  • Custom reporting
  • Accessibility (live readings over the web)
  • Regulatory compliance reports
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Fully configurable