Case Studies

Orthopaedic & Spine Center – The Christ Hospital

Project Specifications:

This 350,000 square foot, seven story building comprises 60 beds,12 operating rooms, surgery prep and recovery, a pain center, imaging, preadmission testing, education, rehabilitation, service line administration, satellite food service and central sterile processing, all dedicated to the OSC service line. Also included are a new materials management facility and receiving dock, retail space, roof gardens and structured parking. A shelled patient floor will allow for an additional 30 beds in the future. Shelled space is also allocated for future physician offices or other departmental expansion needs. A new concourse provides the main organizing element for patient and visitor circulation, as well as a separate level for materials movement. This “spine” is set up to provide opportunities for future expansion and “self-replacement” of the hospital in the near- and far-term.

The patient rooms, while designed for orthopedic patients, are sized and structured to be capable of accommodating intensive care patients in the future.

All operating rooms are laid out exactly alike, with flexibility to accommodate any kind of OSC procedure. Nearly 15,000 square feet of renovation of the existing hospital was included in the project to interface the Spine Center with the existing buildings.

Fosdick & Hilmer consulted with SOM Architects to engineer all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression systems for the building.

Key Features


  • The complete relocation of the campus double-ended, medium voltage electrical service,
  • A new 2,500 kW diesel engine driven standby generator (with accommodations for two future generators) that can power essential systems for the Spine center as well as supplement the medium voltage distribution throughout the campus
  • A new 2,500 ton chiller, with pumps and cooling towers to supplement the campus central chilled water plant
  • The project was engineered with special attention to acoustics and noise attenuation.
  • The building was designed as a sustainable structure and will be LEED certified.