Case Studies

F&H Energy Management System

Project Specifications:

Fosdick & Hilmer designed and implemented a complete solution to monitor, analyze, and report energy utilization for a major retailer with over 2,000 facilities across the US.

F&H’s Energy Management System begins by collecting energy consumption data at five-minute intervals from each facility.  Integration with external services (NOAA for temperature) and internal systems (ERP for facility size, age, services, equipment, and schedule) add necessary context to the collected data.  A custom real-time service processes the data by organizing it in a manner that facilitates retrieval in a database structure known as an OLAP cube. This process is absolutely necessary to support the volume of data being collected. An industry leading reporting package known as Tableau Server provides customized reports through a secure web portal.  The web portal makes it possible for both corporate energy analysts and individual facility personnel to retrieve the data they need to manage energy consumption.

By leveraging existing technologies and developing custom software where necessary, F&H was able to deliver a solution that met and exceeded the clients exacting standards on-time and within budget.

F&H’s Energy Management System energy monitoring software system includes the following features:


  • Easy interface with electric, gas, steam & water meters
  • Fully configurable
  • Custom graphical reports
  • Adjustable Range Alarms
  • Event recording
  • Performs statistical analysis
  • Accessibility (live over web)