Central Utilities

Fosdick & Hilmer engineers central utility plants and distribution systems for a wide variety of industries. To meet our client’s utility system needs, we offer a complete range of professional services including master planning, condition assessment, energy economic analysis, concept development, design, startup, commissioning, training, and post-installation support.

Fosdick & Hilmer has engineered district energy, central heating and power plants since the firm’s inception in 1905. Today, Central Utility Plants engineered by F&H provide steam, hot water, chilled water, cogenerated electrical energy, and compressed air. F&H’s Central Utilities Group can manage and perform all aspects of plant development, including feasibility studies and financial justifications, negotiations with public utilities, plant and distribution systems design, environmental permitting, construction oversight, commissioning, and operations consulting.

Our utility plants are engineered to convert energy efficiently through the application of techniques such as modular componentry, energy recovery, use of renewable fuels, and variable capacity motor and gear drives. Reliability is engineered into our plants using economically applied redundant components and throughput paths, multiple fuel-burning capability, and sophisticated yet simple-to-use monitoring and control systems.