Electrical Systems

Fosdick & Hilmer’s Electrical Engineering Group engineers safe, reliable, and economical systems that produce and manage the energy for a wide spectrum of industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities. Whether the need is for utility grade substations, transmission and distribution systems, unit substations and switchgear in buildings, cogeneration, standby generation, motor controls, uninterruptible and conditioned power, or low voltage systems that power lighting and receptacles, F&H can engineer a comprehensive solution. In addition, F&H provides short circuit and selective coordination studies to ensure safe and reliable system operation. Arc flash studies and maintenance personnel training by F&H help keep your staff safe and your facility in compliance with codes and regulations. Working in collaboration with F&H’s Controls & Automation Group, the Electrical Engineering Group automates and monitors power systems to provide system owners with real-time system data that enables them to remotely operate system components when required to maintain service or improve system efficiency.

From electrical power generation to end-user facility distribution systems, high voltage substations to low voltage lighting panels, electrical system master planning to equipment startup and commissioning, from start to finish Fosdick & Hilmer’s electrical systems engineering staff have the depth and breadth of experience to develop optimal electrical solutions for your facility. F&H is a premier provider of electrical power automation systems to improve overall system reliability for facility power systems.

Arc Flash

Fosdick & Hilmer is equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to perform a complete analysis of your electrical distribution system. Our professional engineers can determine the appropriate course of action needed to address the code requirements. Using our in-house EDSA or SKM software we are able to:

» Perform Short-Circuit and Protective Device Coordination studies

» Calculate available flash energy for equipment

» Provide recommendations for electrical system modifications to reduce arc flash hazards

» Determine PPE requirements

» Create appropriate labels for equipment

» Compile and present electrical system documentation in report and AutoCAD formats

Consulting with Fosdick & Hilmer could be your most important first step in protecting you and your team while meeting NFPA and OSHA requirements. If you are conducting even the most cursory electrical inspections, you must protect your personnel and comply with the law. Fosdick & Hilmer can show you how.