Software Engineering

Are you frustrated with software that falls short of the mark? Do you find yourself thinking there has to be a better way? Well, there is: The Fosdick & Hilmer way. Our software development team delivers custom solutions from concept to deployment in a timely and cost-effective manner. We do this with small, highly-efficient teams that have a passion for solving the hard problems.

With software applications, like so many things in life, there are countless approaches to every challenge. From programming languages to application platforms to design paradigms the possibilities can quickly become overwhelming. Our experienced team can guide your company through the process to affordable, scalable solutions to meet current and future requirements. At Fosdick & Hilmer, we work with our clients to provide them with a competitive advantage through innovative software.

Fosdick & Hilmer’s Software Engineering Group design, implements, deploys, and supports custom developed applications to meet client objectives. Services offered include data management, real-time data collection and visualization, enterprise integration, process optimization and simulation, and reporting. Using the latest software tools and development methodologies, F&H’s Software Engineering Group transforms business requirements, software specifications, and client feedback into a complete solution that is not only innovative, but also intuitive, affordable, and scalable. In addition, F&H’s Software Engineering Group strives to deliver software that is always accessible, using cutting-edge web and mobile technologies, ensuring that our clients are never without the applications they need.